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The Watson Conundrum – How Will The Case Be Remembered?

How The Texans choose to manage this unprecedented situation will define the Franchise’s future as viable football entity.  Looking at underlying causes, Watson’s personal situation & how the team should handle the situation.  The Origin: Two diverging worlds are emerging: people who are entrenched in social media and those that aren’t. The latter, it couldContinue reading “The Watson Conundrum – How Will The Case Be Remembered?”

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When Will the Texans Reach The Pinnacle of Public Ignominy?

There was a time this off-season where the `Texans failings were rooted firmly in its owner. Cal McNair’s ambivalence to their two year plight left fans outraged, as they vented at the shadowy figure of Jack Easterby. The media humiliation seemed unprecedented as they slowly folded to a 4-12 record, as their lack of organisationalContinue reading “When Will the Texans Reach The Pinnacle of Public Ignominy?”

Caserio In Full Swing – His Plan Is Unclear As The Future Of His Franchise Quarterback

The sheer volume of Texans new signings in free agency has been staggering. As of March 22nd, there have been over 30 players acquired, 4 by trade, whilst onboarding over $60million in guarantees. Details are still to emerge but Caserio’s first free agency, has been full-throttle but hard to accurately depict in it’s direction. TheContinue reading “Caserio In Full Swing – His Plan Is Unclear As The Future Of His Franchise Quarterback”

The Texans Continue Their Collapse, In Attempting ‘The Next Right Thing’

The first major decision Cal made was an epic fail, O’Brien was relieved of his duties with time find the new leaders of the football club. Despite O’Brien’s early removal, he was only part of the problem. Now After a series of hires, the team are no better of than they were prior. They have issues that have gone completely unaddressed.


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SAXTRAX Explained

The Project Explained – reviewing the most over used stat in the game to better understand the Texans offence.

Part 1 – The O-Line

The Offensive Line – 5 Starters returning to built continuity after an off season of change.

Part 2 – The QB

Where has Deshaun reached entering year 4 as pro? Where does his game need to develop?

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Camp Reports, Departing Retorts, As Caserio Keeps On Churnin' Turn Up For Watt? – Houston Texans Podcast

Catching up from last weeks reports on a solo edition as the pads go on. Looking at the QB realities we face, Culley Contrast, & keeping in perspective the on-air players success as the real stuff is a bout to begin for the '21 Texans team under Caserio & his hired MC.   PodcastTexans.com 
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