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Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) talks to general manager Nick Caserio during an NFL training camp football practice Monday, Aug. 9, 2021, in Houston.

Are The Texans Finally Pivoting Towards The Future?

The news dropped rather suddenly Monday, following a performance of indignation in Indiana. There have been few inter-divisional games in recent memory, where the game was so heavily imbalanced as Sunday. The Texans were completely out-classed by the Colts, who only required 48-offensive plays to compile 31-points to Houston’s 3. That somber mood was reflective in Brandin Cooks’ post-game media conference, which then took a further turn the following day.

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The Texans Are Getting To Grips With Hanging In Limbo

Last Sunday’s part performance against the Patriots was encouraging but it delivered yet another reminder of how this team is spinning their wheels this season. What can be accomplished or what payoff their plans may have are both unclear. But Sunday’s 22-25 defeat to New England was spiralled by coaching errors & a similar set of issues that continue to plague this team through 5 weeks.

Buffalo Served As Recognition That The Texans Plight Is Yet To Be Concluded

The tenuous ground that this 2021 Texans team was build upon showed its fragility in the worst way, during a rain soaked encounter at Highmark Stadium on Sunday. As the elements withered the remaining hopes for the remaining optimists amongst Houston’s ranks, a definitive realisation emerged for many, just how far this franchise has fallen.

The Texans Are Reminded Of How Quickly It Can Change

In only a week, the Texans have gone from what seemed promising start to the season, entering half-time in Cleveland, to now facing a very different set challenges. Team expectations were initially raised against the odds but the realities of the NFL have brought Houston much closer to their 2021 season predictions.


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SAXTRAX Explained

The Project Explained – reviewing the most over used stat in the game to better understand the Texans offence.

Part 1 – The O-Line

The Offensive Line – 5 Starters returning to built continuity after an off season of change.

Part 2 – The QB

Where has Deshaun reached entering year 4 as pro? Where does his game need to develop?

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