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Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio, right speaks to the media as he talks about the hiring of Lovie Smith as the Texans new head coach during a news conference Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022, in Houston. Smith is the fifth head coach in franchise history.

As Texans Take Some Strides, How Are They Placed for 2022 Season and Beyond?

As the dust settles on the ’22 draft, the Texans are still in the early stages of their reclamation back towards pro-football relevancy. Nick Caserio inherited a threadbare talent-base, but after two drafts, two head-coaching appointments, a quarterback trade and countless free agent signings. Are they on the right track?


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Setting The Course, Whilst Fostering The Future Turn Up For Watt? – Houston Texans Podcast

Joined by Brandon K Scott  https://twitter.com/brandonkscott from Radio 610 to talk: – Rookie Mini Camp – Matt Bazirgan leaving the front office – The Influx of Veteran edge signings, post the draft – schedule reaction – toughest stretches, winnable games and a misplaced bye week.   Full Schedule Article: https://podcasttexans.com/2022/05/13/the-texans-22-season-schedule-is-set/    PodcastTexans.com  
  1. Setting The Course, Whilst Fostering The Future
  2. Potential Roles, The Undrafted & A Schedule To Slate
  3. New Era Caps Dawned, As Foundations Are Finally Laid
  4. It’s More Than Just Picks For Caserio & The Texans
  5. Deciphering This Draft Class, Who Are The Texans Potential Targets?