A Plea to Cal McNair – O’Briens Firing Is Only The First Step

After Only four games into his seventh year Bill O’Brien was relieved of his duties. But it cannot be ignored, further corrective steps are required if this franchise is to reset its course.

Many Texans will have understandably welcomed yesterday’s news, though it must be heeded by all, further changes are in order. There will be time to reflect on the O’B. era but there are far more pressing matters at hand.

It cannot go unsaid nor it cannot go unchallenged. As Cal’s next set of decisions will impact on the franchise’s very existence. He will have to show they have learned from their past mistakes. The Texans need a radical overhaul off-the-field before they can truly flourish on it.

The biggest error in the O’Brien appointment was not hiring a new GM, to make that coaching hire.

Jack Easterby is still employed by this team. Until he is removed, no one can collude in the illusion we have corrected our wrongs. Easterby is equally under-qualified as O.B. was to perform the General Manager role. Arguably, O’Brien was far more equipped than Easterby ever could be. In being allowed to continue his role, he in essence, is being absolved for his part in the previous 18-months. A period that has regressed this football team, in some instances irreparably.

Easterby is essentially a religious based, life-coach that’s made a habit of sticking around football teams. If he is remains part of the this team’s future we have failed before we’ve even started.

He orchestrated the departure of Brian Gaine, who for all his leadership flaws, was a solid talent evaluator or at the very least, he had a track record of doing it. Easterby has not been a bystander in the recent decline, further, he’s idly watched and allowed the firing of the man who brought him to Houston. Such a move would appear to be the mark of his character. But quite how he’s seen his position re-affirmed, for the time being, is beyond baffling.

If Cal McNair is ingenious to the tactics of Easterby, then this may only be the start of this franchise’s nose dive into the football oblivion.

Easterby was the culprit in a failed attempt to lure Nick Caserio to Houston, crassly at the Patriots Superbowl ring ceremony. If the grand plan is to bring in Caserio and Josh McDaniels as Head Coach, that move would already seem similarly ill-fated. Considering the previous attempt narrowly avoided tampering charges, which Robert Kraft dropped after they abandoned the move.

Cal’s father routinely obsessed with the New England’s operation. Hopefully, his son can take a more pragmatic view of a uniquely successfully competitor, realising you cannot replicate dual-generational brilliance without a significant portion of good fortune. Simply put, the Patriots model is the greatest-ever coach and quarterback, together with high levels of coaching discipline.

If we are to realise this chance of re-defining Houston Texans Football, then that needs to be achieved independently of its past. This team needs a General Manager of pedigree, qualified to evaluate personnel whilst and building a winning culture. 

This is a football team. It needs to be lead by true football people. The attempts at the unique models and sub-programs has to be left where they belong, in the past. The structure should be fundamentally sound, admired for the investment in talented people and their efforts to build an on-field product thats universally respected.

There should be no influence in this new dawn of Houston Texans football from Jack Easterby. He should have been given his marching orders with O’Brien. There is a wealth of talent and experience out there, many, if not all, would want these jobs. There is a transcendent quarterback under centre, merely in need of nurture. That is the hardest piece to find, now it’s time for the easier part.

There are may millions of people been duped by great speeches and positive talk. But Calhoun I beg you, do not be another statistic. As the consequences of failing on these hires, for millions of Texans and Deshaun Watson is yet more despair.

Now is the chance Calhoun, to make your mark, I trust you will take it, as this opportunity may not come round again. Hiring a respected GM and progressive Head Coach will take this city into a new dawn of winning football.

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