Defeat and Discomfort Amongst The Texans Ranks

Another Sunday passed with an all too familiar result for the Houston Texans. As Aaron Rodgers ripped through their defence with ease, putting up 21-points at the half, a familiar feeling echoed around an empty NRG Stadium. Downtrodden with limited signs of positivity.

Their inability to run the ball, through a troubling mix of asinine play-calling and a destitution of defensive talent, hinders a talented offence. This despite having Deshaun Watson, who is playing at a high level, throwing for over three-hundred yards again this week. There is now an inconceivable situation – his talents are ineffective on game day, due to lack of help around him, defensively and coaching on the sidelines.

It’s lead to a worrying state for the team, one that has been driven into the ground by 18-months of tyranny, filled with woeful personnel decisions, as Jack Easterby has the gaul to idly stand watch the mess he co-created.

The Packers were dealing with loss of their starting Tail-Back, Left Tackle, Safety and Corner entering this week 7 procession. It was a ‘get-right game’ in the truest sense, as the result rarely seemed in any doubt, after they made it 14-0, with 13.33 left on the clock in the second quarter.

The Texans did score on their opening drive of the second half as a switch to field two-back sets allowed them to march down the field. The defence aided with two three and out’s and a blocked punt on special teams assisted but the offence’s lack of rush attack, stalled out in the red-zone. As they settles for multiple field-goals, after Fairburn missed a 41-yard attempt before the break.

This Texans team can ill-afford first half shut outs, as their defence was deciamted further with the loss of corner Bradly Roby. As Davante Adams laid on two touchdowns and 196 yards on the day. Phillip Gaines, Eric Murray and Vernon Hargreaves, though not assisted by some suspect safety play, were left helpless as Rodgers found his main target 13 times on 23 completions.

Perhaps even more worrying, were the displays of growing factions within the team, as they spilled out into post games media calls. The sentiment from Brandon Cooks being that practice has been poor. Watson’s reaction was one of both scorn and dismissal when asked about that comment. It’s a rare position the former college national champion finds himself in, as he isn’t used to losing at all, let alone in this painful manner.

The Texans now head into a bye week, with decisions to make. Will they trade out any players who they receive a credible offers for? Will the coaching staff cut bait with players not bringing enough value to the field? So to experiment with younger and less experiences players. As as this stage of the season, the results can’t get any worse but the demeanour in the way they are being achieved, is the hardest part for fans to swallow.

This year’s rookie class needs game time so they can be evaluated and expensive under-performing vets need to be shipped for any value sought. As it’s now a question of the future for this team rather than the present. Though ironically, they’ve chosen to live in the latter, which has cast doubt about their speed and flexibility to rebuild this ailing roster.

As they were dismantled by a Green Bay team who’s quarterback finals years may well be crowned with a final title. But the personnel mistakes that have surrounded Aaron Rodgers career, will see him retire with nowhere near the success his generational talent should have commanded.

Let it be a lesson to all those inside the building. A quarterback is the most important piece, but it’s only the start.


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