The Texans ‘22 Season Schedule Is Set

The Texans schedule was finally revealed on Thursday, after the networks trailed breadcrumbs for the adoring masses. A process which saw one Twitter account provide a reminder of how powerful the league’s news cycle has become but similarly, how the information around it can easily become false. But the Texans in a year where they’ve placed faith in Davis Mills to grasp his opportunity, they now know the road they must take, if that vision is to be realised.

The schedule has a few key points:

The Bye Week: Not since the impact of hurricane Ike have the Texans had such an early bye. The earliest scheduled bye was 2010, week-7. So being allocated to week-6, within the backdrop of a 17 game schedule, appears punitive to a teams chances that were already hindered. Never mind the potential positive impact a timely bye can have on a squad’s health.

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4 Later Kick-Off’s: In terms of prime broadcaster slots, this is an upgrade on last year. By only having the mandatory Thursday night, at home, for the consecutive season, shows the temperature of executives hasn’t yet warmed towards the quality of Texans football. But they have however, opened the door for future years.

In the week-2 slate Houstons are to provide the foe’s for Russell Wilson’s home debut at Mile High. The Texans are then given a trio of later games post the bye week. The team will dawn the 15:05 slate, in back-to-back weeks, at Vegas, then host Tennessee. Both, prior to hosting the Eagles on Thursday night football, to commence the Week-9 slate. Thereafter, the familiar noon kick-offs revert for the remainder of the year.

The Pre-Bye Health Check: facing the AFC contender reel of the Colts, LA Chargers & Denver as three-fifths of your opening games, isn’t too helpful to a team looking to take steps with a young quarterback. For all the lack of proven offensive weapons beyond Brandin Cooks, the offensive line’s stature will be tested after going against those team’s respective fronts. Passing tests or at least surviving against Bosa/Mack, Chubb/Gregory, Buckner/Ngakoue will be an early milestone in this offence’s ability to produce.

A Pivotal 5 Game Stretch: These weeks – bookended by the visit of Tennessee & a post thanksgiving trip to Miami – will likely define this 2022 team, regardless of their record. For all the Texans deep-rooted roster flaws, the run of Philadelphia, visiting East Rutherford & South Beach, whilst in between hosting Wentz’s Washington, provides Houston’s best chance of momentum. As pitting your team against those in the similar echelons of the leagues hierarchy, is a far more accurate test than against any of the big guns.

Watson’s Return & Two Triples: The week 13 return of Deshaun Watson & Cleveland for many reasons will be a spectacle and not just for those wishing to vent at the player, who turned his back on Houston whilst wrangling in unprecedented legal troubles. But this run of games also has the potential to tail-spin the season. It was notably, a game the networks chose not to hero, with the hovering civil litigation uncertainty, it was understandable.

But the visit of the Browns, the trip up i-45 to Dallas & the visit of Mahommes’ Chiefs provides a hat-trick of games where Houston would be well placed, just to cover the point-spread. These games may push their backs against the ropes, in need of the bell to relive them. But they are followed by trips to both Tennessee and to end the year in the way it started, against Indianapolis.

Respite may come once again come from Jacksonville to prop up their win total, which has been the case over the last two seasons. But considering Duval’s regime change, the undoubted talent of Trevor Lawrence, it’s difficult to see that continuing to be the virtual guarantee it once was.

In the first full year of true rebuilding, Houston like any team could reach 5-6 wins & there are undoubted spots in the schedule to do so. But if the most unpredictable of all major sports was so simple, this release of games wouldn’t have been so anticipated, more merely acknowledged.

The schedule and the resulting record is a definitive means of assesses roster quality. In a match-up league, it places your players on a league scale, rather than evaluating in a vacuum. The vital development of Caserio’s latest draft crops will be realised. But quite how the Texans navigate these 17 games under Mills’ stewardship will attest to his & many others longer feasibility. As much of this roster is here on trial, until the squad is capable of consistently competing once more.

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