Episode 143: Turn Up For Watt Podcast

Talking your Houston Texans, straight from the Great British Isles.

Episode 143: A late splash of OJ, As The Season Nears

Flying solo & late (apologies) this week to talk the 53-man roster being almost set. After a very fluid process will need to continue to be adding key roster spots where the team look short. A few ex-Bucc’s have been added to improve the offence, as Mills will need all the help he can get, for his full season audition in ’22.

As we are gear up for the Colts week 1, football is almost back & the trade of Blacklock, can almost put the recent past behind us but they have to show wins. Nick Caserio was cautious on Mills and the teams overall progress of the rebuild as he spoke with the media this week.

We touch on the loss of former president Jamey Rootes, as a reminder life is bigger than just football.

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Talking Houston Texans Football Straight From The Great British Isles.

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