Episode 146: Turn Up For Watt Podcast

Talking your Houston Texans, straight from the Great British Isles.

Episode 146 – A Late INT Leaves Texans Empty Handed In Chicago

Joined by Shaun Bijani from Radio 610 to talk Houston Texans late loss to the Chicago Bears. 

Can we see the positive glimmers within these competitive loses?

As Mills, Pep & the offence grind to a halt, the Texans drop another close game, where it seemed the harder option to choose.

Where has a it gone wrong for the O? Why does the Defence continue to pleasantly surprise? 

We ask, just after any loss – where do we go from here? A lot find out but a lot has been established already & much needs to change.

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Talking Houston Texans Football Straight From The Great British Isles.

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