A Plea From Afar

An Open Letter To Cal McNair:

Dear Cal,

I hope this email finds you well and you have the time to read this.

I write to you, due to the grave concerns that I and the Texans community share regarding the team’s direction and outlook.

A decade ago, I found this team by chance, the city and its fans embraced my family. I held immense admiration for your father for what he did for Houston. Bringing pro-football back to this city was remarkable and it has helped us steer through some of our worse times.

But our concerns are stark. They stem from the previous 18-months that have been awash with rash, universally condemned decisions which have ultimately set the Texans back multiple years, if they are to be corrected. The Texans are now only talked about in terms of belittlement, due to the plethora of prejudicial footballing decisions. The extent of the damage caused: we face a harrowingly unique position where the team’s distinct lack of talent is such that it negates the abilities of our star quarterback. This should be contradictory on many levels, however, it’s our reality we are facing each Sunday.

We cannot allow the talents of Deshaun to be wasted, as we did with JJ Watt, Arian Foster & Andre Johnson. This off-season is a chance to reset and reclaim the course to define Houston Texans football for the better. We have of course, unforgivably wasted the window of Watson’s rookie contract. However, there is time to correct this, albeit it will be a far taller task than it needed to be.

The current level of organisational dysfunction is deep-rooted in two distinct areas.

Primarily, by allowing a series of artless football decisions, made by those, who were not qualified nor experienced to do so. Both on and off the field, these choices cannot be reserved but only mitigated by the decisions that lie ahead. The need in finding the unrivalled talent to lead the front office, personnel department and coaching staff is imperative, if we are to correct this current treacherous path. This team desperately requires, respected and modern football people, if we are to emerge stronger.

Secondly, the tangible indifference shown towards its fanbase, must also be addressed. As you will have seen exemplified in single game day ticket sales this season, there is a growing disconnect. I’d point also to the tone and messaging around your executives recent book release which glorifies his ability to maximise revenues in the face of a non successful, on-field product. This was a deeply unsettling notion for all concerned. This provided the most blatant indication yet, that this franchise consideration to winning, is secondary. So repairing the fan relationship is vital if we are to move forward as Texans, together as one.

I plead with you Cal, seize this opportunity, as we stand at the pivotal moment in franchise history. As your father wanted and of course we all want, is simply to win.

I trust you will navigate us through this perilous position, into a fresh and exciting new dawn of Texans football.

Yours in Sport.

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