Episode 143: Turn Up For Watt Podcast

Talking your Houston Texans, straight from the Great British Isles. Episode 143: A late splash of OJ, As The Season Nears Flying solo & late (apologies) this week to talk the 53-man roster being almost set. After a very fluid process will need to continue to be adding key roster spots where the team lookContinue reading “Episode 143: Turn Up For Watt Podcast”

Episode 132: How Great Can Stingley Become – Deep Into The Valley

Part One: Exploring the 2022 Draft Class Series I’m Joined to cover the #Texans Double-Dip into the LSU program by Lonn Sullivan Phillips @LonnPhillips Answers: How Great Can Stingley Become? Could Deculus’ best trait be perfect fit to command playing time? Watch: Listen To Full Audio: Latest Articles:

Episode 131: Setting The Course Whilst Fostering The Future

Joined by Brandon K Scott  https://twitter.com/brandonkscott from Radio 610 to talk:– Rookie Mini Camp– Matt Bazirgan leaving the front office– The Influx of Veteran edge signings, post the draft– schedule reaction – toughest stretches, winnable games and a misplaced bye week Watch Listen To Full Audio: Latest Articles:

The Texans ‘22 Season Schedule Is Set

The Texans schedule was finally revealed on Thursday, after the networks trailed breadcrumbs for the adoring masses. A process which saw one Twitter account provide a reminder of how powerful the league’s news cycle has become but similarly, how the information around it can easily become false. But the Texans in a year where they’veContinue reading “The Texans ‘22 Season Schedule Is Set”

Episode 130: Potential Roles, The Undrafted & A Schedule To Slate

Joined by Matt Robinson from Battle Red Blog, as we review what the roles of the top picks, this coming season. Taking a further look at the yet to be announced UDFA class of free agents. And with the schedule announcement imminent we review the potential hurdles and & winnable games prior to the godsContinue reading “Episode 130: Potential Roles, The Undrafted & A Schedule To Slate”

As Texans Take Some Strides, How Are They Placed for 2022 Season and Beyond?

As the dust settles on the ’22 draft, the Texans are still in the early stages of their reclamation back towards pro-football relevancy. Nick Caserio inherited a threadbare talent-base, but after two drafts, two head-coaching appointments, a quarterback trade and countless free agent signings. Are they on the right track?

What Can Nick Caserio Get For Deshaun Watson?

As we stand on the precipice of the Deshaun Watson trade, a point of inflection faces the Texans & Nick Caserio. Acquiring a plethora of assets would give him the necessary capital to invest in a talent-barren roster that looks, at present, multiple years removed from competitiveness. But is that all about to change?