Separating The Narrative from Reality

A Media Punchbag Providing A Straightforward Rhetoric But Does The Off-Season Condemnation Hold Any Validity? Those of a Texans persuasion are well versed in national media shun, after enduring it for two decades, the sample is enough to make that assertion. The exception being the 2012 season where Houston were regarded as potential contenders, namelyContinue reading “Separating The Narrative from Reality”

Predicting the Unpredictable – A Truly Unique Prospects Awaits Us All – The 2020 Season

Laced with a myriad variables and novel dynamics, the worlds most unpredictable sport has been thrown into chaos and it doesn’t seem overly sure how manage it. The Texans players are reporting into the building, rookies have finally been paid their signing bonus after the forced and prolonged off-season. So football should be right roundContinue reading “Predicting the Unpredictable – A Truly Unique Prospects Awaits Us All – The 2020 Season”

The Texans 2020 Schedule Shapes A Path Amongst The Uncertainty

The Schedule Release Serves A Timely Reminder of this Team’s Challenges – Both On And Off The Field. At six-thirty central, Thursday, the Texans schedule was revealed upon the click of Marc Vandermeer & John Harris, to present the much anticipated release. To their credit, both provided a refreshing live Texans-lead perspective compared to previousContinue reading “The Texans 2020 Schedule Shapes A Path Amongst The Uncertainty”

Post Draft Review: Texans Are Staring into the Off-Season Abyss

A Quality over Quantity Approach in 2020 One week removed from the most anticipated draft in living memory, the tremors continue in the absence of any live sport. As the first live event in two months, the already glitzy administrative event was going to have even greater fallout than the typical exaggerated media conclusions.  MostContinue reading “Post Draft Review: Texans Are Staring into the Off-Season Abyss”

Off-Season Review – Part III – The Draft – Directing Digital Whilst Balancing Out A Roster

As the Texans enter the draft this week, post an underwhelming free agency period, which has riled the most avid supporter, leaving a number of unique dynamics and questions, in need of address. Houston are entering this years draft, albeit with a franchise passer in tow but they are one of six teams, devoid ofContinue reading “Off-Season Review – Part III – The Draft – Directing Digital Whilst Balancing Out A Roster”

Off Season Review Part 2 – Free Agency

The Texans must add defensive talent via Free Agency whilst facing a number of decisions required on extending players on both sides of the ball. It poses a complex situation to navigate now the luxury of Watson’s rookie deal is nearing its end. How Aggressive can the Texans afford to be? Correcting an ailing defensiveContinue reading “Off Season Review Part 2 – Free Agency”


An Academic Question Raised by Many – The Case for O’Brien To Stay or Go? A Season Concluded with Angst But are the Texans on The Cusp of Challenging or Confined by O’Brien’s Imposed Ceiling? Prior to the announcement that Chris Olsen will be leaving the front office, after a 13-year stint and only 2Continue reading “PART 1: OFF SEASON REVIEW”

A Chance of Progress Awaits The Texans in Arrowhead

The Texans travel to a familiar foe Sunday with a chance to reach their inaugural AFC Championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs – an opponent defeated 31-24 in week 6 – stand in the way of a Championship berth against the the victors of the Saturday game where Tennessee travel to Baltimore. A Texans winContinue reading “A Chance of Progress Awaits The Texans in Arrowhead”

Texans 2019 – Contenders or Pretenders?

The Texans have made the play-off’s by taking command of the AFC south with a win against the rival Tennessee Titans. But then made hard work of a Tampa team who had nothing to play for. The last two weeks have encapsulated the transient nature of this team, with a wildcard berth on the horizon,Continue reading “Texans 2019 – Contenders or Pretenders?”