About the Podcast and Following the Texans

Talking Texans Football all the way from the Great British Isle. The podcast has been borne out of a love for a football team & city that I found by chance and has turned into a lifestyle and an annual quest to see them make the big dance.

Origins of Podcast & Texans Fandom

It began after visiting the city of Houston in 2012 whilst a friend was seconded to his company’s office in Katy, Tx. At the time, I was unaware that the decision to take in a NFL game was one that would change so much.

At the then, Reliant Energy stadium, I witnessed a team that was riding high upon a wave of anticipation, gripping a city. Over it’s years of sporting history, this feeling was all too rare for the Houston natives but it was something that resonated with me. The perennial underdog on the cusp of having its day – a rare thing in modern sports and it seem like something special may be just around the corner on that November afternoon.

I’d always been a fan of the sport, I watched the Super Bowl every year and grew up attending NFL Europe games as a kid with my Dad. However, until that point I’d never found a team that struck a chord with me. After watching the Texans cruise to a 21-9 victory that day against the Buffalo Bills, it all seemed to fall into place for me.

This was the team for me. There was no gimmicky animal name, the colours of my country on their back and the people welcomed you with open arms like you were one of their own. And the rest, seems to be an ever growing part of my personal history.

What’s it about a man on stage that make people come back again?

Following this team has not been based on their success or based or a desire to be associated with a winner, far from it. Hence the name Turn Up For Watt? There has been many times I’ve questioned – why do I do this?

But being a Houston Texans fan and becoming part of the Texans & Houston community has been a life altering an experience. Every game is a celebration of what football means to the city and thank you to everyone for joining them on that journey.

Tailgating, I’ve discovered is not only an art form but a highly competitive one. Every game means so much and people treat it in that way. The people of Texas have taken me and my closest friends in and treated them as one of their own, just as we have with their football team. It’s a story that continues to create experiences and memories that will stick with me for a lifetime.

On the green grass of a football field, making plays to save face but success will it yield?

After fifteen years of wallowing in pro football irrelevancy, this team found its saviour. From the outside looking in, you would see a young man from Gainesville, Ga. from humble beginning’s. His demeanour is passive with an almost unassuming softness to his character. However, this kid is much more than that facade would indicate. He possesses an unwavering self belief in his ability and a fixation to win. After taking the University of Clemson to a National Championship title, after losing the same game, against the same opponents, just one year prior, was only a minor mark of the man.

Entering the league as a rookie, records were broken, stars spoke out publicly of the admiration for his ability and poise for someone so young. The rise to prominence was cruelly remove by an injury when, at that time, all things seemed possible. Time has now passed and lessons have been learned. This team is lead by a generational talent at the quarterback position and one that is growing into a dynamic force in the game.

Never can his abilities be taken for granted after all the years angst. The bright lights do not phase him, the sky is limit for this young man. Of course, its a team sport and how much of a difference can just one player of fifty-three make? The answer is: everything.

Where this journey will end, none of us can truly say. But it’s going to be one hell of a ride and Deshaun Watson, you’ve given a fan base, a city and a region a chance to dream and as a sports fan, that’s all you can really ask for.

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